Custom Order Complete

I will be selling these in gift sets like the one pictured at a local school Christmas Bazaar this weekend. Super cute and great gifts.

Quilted Ornament

Finished my first quiltes ornament today. I’ll be making these to sell as well 🤗. They are beautiful.

Crochet: Part 1

I have decided to teach myself to crochet. Last night was my first attempt. The picture shows my beginning progress. I had tried knitting previously and just failed miserably at it. 😦 So…..I had all this yarn left over and what to do, what to do?…..Crochet! So that’s where it began. I’ll post a pic tomorrow of the completed piece. I decided, since in my mind this was going well, that I would continue with this little swatch and make it a scarf for my baby great niece. She’ll be one next month :).  Stay tuned to see the finished piece……