Quilt Motif Stencil Making

I’ve decided to try something new. I can never seem to find a quilting motif I like that will fit within the block space I need on my quilts so I’ve decided to try making my own. Follow along with me as I learn how to achieve this goal. I’ll make some, photograph them where you can see them and then stitch them out so you can see the outcome. Eventually I will apply them to a finished quilt and post that as well.

These are my very first attempts. Two stencils with one stitched out. I’ll take better photos later on higher contrasting background/thread combinations.

I use template plastic you can purchase at a hobby store. A heat gun with knife bit. Regular copy paper to print my desired design on. Photoshop software to make my design the size I want. A piece of glass to tape the design on one side and the template plastic on the other so you can see what to cut out. The main thing to remember is to leave bridges when you’re cutting so that the entire design doesn’t just fall out after you’ve finished cutting.

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