Custom Order Complete

I will be selling these in gift sets like the one pictured at a local school Christmas Bazaar this weekend. Super cute and great gifts.

Quilted Ornament

Finished my first quiltes ornament today. I’ll be making these to sell as well 🤗. They are beautiful.

Yardage Conversion Chart

I know I could use this a lot so I thought I’d post it for others.

.125 = 1/8 yd = 4.5 inches
.167 = 1/6 yd = 6 inches
.25 = 1/4 yd – 9 inches
.333 = 1/3 yd = 12 inches
.375 = 3/8 yd = 13.5 inches
.5 = 1/2 yd = 18 inches
.625 = 5/8 = 22.5 inches
.666 = 2/3 yd = 24 inches
.75 = 3/4 yd = 27 inches
.875 = 7/8 yd = 31.5 inches
1 = 1 yd = 36 inches
1.5 = 1 1/2 yd = 54 inches

Hot Bowl Potholders

Best thing since sliced bread! The Hot Bowl Potholders are fantastic. Put your food in a bowl, put the bowl in the potholder and microwave. Remove the bowl without getting burned!! They are made of 100% cotton fabrics and 100% cotton batting so they are microwave save. They are reversible, washable and reuseable. You just can’t beat that. Great for kids for sure. Buy a set, add a bowl and can of something yummy and you have a great-unique gift that will keep on giving. I make these year round. They can be made in nearly any color combination you could ask for. Contact me for details

Last Minute Baby Shower Gift

A coworker and his wife just had their first baby, a beautiful baby girl! She was earlier than expected and Mom had some complications but all is going well with both now. Our office had a baby shower for them today and this is what I made for them. It’s a keepsake box that