Quilling Project -In Process

Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday. So why not put them together and make something? 🙂

I hadn’t worked on a quilling for some time so I decided to have another go at it this weekend. Just started this cute fella last night. Making progress. I always enjoy the photos throughout the process of any project. Shouldn’t take long to get him completed.



My first paper Kusudama flower


“The Japanese kusudama (薬玉; lit. medicine ball) is a paper model that is usually (although not always) created by sewing multiple identical pyramidal units (usually stylized flowers folded from square paper) together through their points to form a spherical shape (Kusudama, 2018). Alternately the individual components may be glued together. (e.g. the kusudama in the lower photo is entirely glued, not threaded together) Occasionally, a tassel is attached to the bottom for decoration.

Kusudama originate from ancient Japanese culture, where they were used for incense and potpourri; possibly originally being actual bunches of flowers or herbs. The word itself is a combination of two Japanese words kusuri, Medicine, and tama, Ball. They are now typically used as decorations, or as gifts.

The kusudama is important in origami particularly as a precursor to the modular origami genre. It is often confused with modular origami, but is not such because the units are strung or pasted together, instead of folded together as most modular construction are made.”

Kusudama. (2018, February 17). Retrieved February 22, 2018, from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kusudama



Sugar Skull paper quilling complete!

I’m really  becoming addicted to this paper quilling. I had been wanting to work up to making a sugar skull. I have a curio cabinet full of sugar skull items and this will go perfect. Here are some photos from beginning to finally in its shadow box and all done. I’d love to get some feedback from you. What do you think?

In the beginning . . .
Outline complete
Starting details
Progress . .
Progress . . .
Progress detail . . .
Detail . . .
view from the side
Eye detail . . .
Complete showing dimension
Framed 🙂

Quilling Seahorse Project

I’m absolutely in LOVE with Opal, my quilling seahorse project. This is a project I designed and completed myself. Still in the process of self-teaching the art of paper quilling. This one took me about 8 hours from start to finish. It’s 5 x7 in size and now in a shadowbox hanging at my work.


Quilling Name Project

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post. My apologies. I’ve had a lot going on in life. I’ve decided to teach myself quilling. If you have never heard of it you should check it out. It’s all projects made of only paper. I’ve seen some that are absolutely breathtaking. While I still have a ways to go, I’m enjoying the journey so far. It’s a process, sometimes very tedious, but the end result has been worth it.


3D Christmas Card

Wow I have been super lax on my blog postings. So much going on this time of year and had pneumonia to boot. Any who…I decided to try my hand at 3D Christmas cards today. This is what I accomplished. Super cute and simple. Easy to make. I made mine 3.5″ x 5″, single sided, non-opening with 3D ornament and hand drawn accents.