Prayers Needed…

I have a special request today for two families that are near and dear to me. One lost her husband suddenly, he was only 38. Leaving behind his wife, two children and a lot of unanswered questions. He was laid to rest this past Sunday. They are in need of prayers.

Also a surgeon that I worked with for 13 years unexpectedly passed away in a scuba diving accident last week as well, he was only 48. He was an only child. His Father is a retired surgeon and his Mom a loving and devoted wife and mother. His services will be this evening.

Both families are in desperate need of prayer for understanding, peace and healing as the grieve. Thank you all for your time. Much love – Mindy

The Month of LOVE

February is the month of LOVE. This is a small piece I created in 2016 for something cute and fund and I was trying out some dyes I have for a small Sizzix. I love the colors. Happy February everyone!