Taking Orders….

Several pieces available for sale. Also taking custom orders if interests. I accept Paypal, credit cards or cash. Thanks for looking.

Mother Daughter bracelets: $20 for a set of 2. Soft cotton yard crocheted with seed bead embellishments. Easy loop/ball closures.

— — —

Peaches and Cream bracelet: $20. Soft cream colored yarn. Beautiful peach colored iridescent double strung beads with 2 silver seed beads between each. Easy bead/loop closure.

— — —

Tortoise Stone Wow: $25

Soft-white yarn, crocheted while adding beautiful beads for embellishment. The necklace is on long length doubled to wear with removeable beaded-tortoise stone.

Mother/Daughter Bracelets

Could they be any cuter? I love making these crocheted bracelets. The possibilities are endless. These have glass or metal seed beads and turned out super cute. I’ve started making all kinds of jewelry. Some crocheted, some wire, some beads.

Crochet: Part 2

Superduper excited. I finished my first crochet project. Started out as a swatch but I was on a roll so I made a baby scarf. 🙂 My little great-niece will be turning 1 year-old the end of February so this is for her. A pint sized baby scarf. I’m kind proud of myself for teaching myself and finishing my first project 🙂 Love to hear yals thoughts.

Crochet: Part 1

I have decided to teach myself to crochet. Last night was my first attempt. The picture shows my beginning progress. I had tried knitting previously and just failed miserably at it. 😦 So…..I had all this yarn left over and what to do, what to do?…..Crochet! So that’s where it began. I’ll post a pic tomorrow of the completed piece. I decided, since in my mind this was going well, that I would continue with this little swatch and make it a scarf for my baby great niece. She’ll be one next month :).  Stay tuned to see the finished piece……