Custom Wood Grain Tumbler

My first ever custom tumbler. Started as a stainless steel, 30oz tumbler. Super proud of the way this turned out. Will be practicing on a few more then offering this custom service to the public.

Monogram Ornament

My first monogram ornament. Beautiful frosted glass, gold glitter letter with last name in black script font. I’m very happy with this. I’ve made a few more since this one 🙂


Personalized Christmas Elves

Well I’ve gone and done it! I’ve jumped on the Christmas elf bandwagon. While supplies last, I’m selling these cute little personalized Christmas elves. Each elf measures approximately 14.5″ tall. Will come personalize with name on the chest, snowflake on its hat and year on the foot. Your choice of boy or girl elf.

Vinyl on Glass Ornaments

Super excited about these. My first vinyl on glass ornaments. I filled them with glitter first. The decided what vinyl I wanted to use, but the vinyl using my Cricut and voila…..super cute ornaments that are personalized. I will add cutesy ribbons to complete and they will be ready to go.





Trying my hand at vinyl

Trying something new again. I’ve never worked with vinyl before. Got a used Cricut and decided to play. The gray areas on the glass are etched from the back of the glass. The rest is vinyl.

Here are a few other first attempts with vinyl from this weekend.

T-shirt made with HTV glitter vinyl

Shirts made for my nieces. New baby sister on the way. HTV glitter vinyl

Customized my yeti with my name and my fur babies. Permanent glitter vinyl

Customized Juno’s food dish. Permanent glitter vinyl.

Customized a new cup for myself. I LOVE Halloween! ☠️👻

Learning Something New

Trying my hand at Adobe After Effects. Attempting to teach myself. Boy have I got a long way to go….. Never believe an old dog can’t learn new tricks though. All a mindset. If you want it bad enough you can get it. This is sure to be fun once I figure out how it works….lol.

Quilling Project -In Process

Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday. So why not put them together and make something? 🙂

I hadn’t worked on a quilling for some time so I decided to have another go at it this weekend. Just started this cute fella last night. Making progress. I always enjoy the photos throughout the process of any project. Shouldn’t take long to get him completed.